Why we exist

I was always the only one — the only woman, the only person of color, the only mother in the room. I knew my perspective was valid even if it wasn’t always validated. And I wanted more. I wanted to work at a company that valued every part of me. I wanted a place where I could speak freely, where my ideas were considered creative and not crazy. I wanted to work with smart people who loved their work and cared about the people it impacted. People like me — people of color, people with families, people who care. When I couldn’t find that place, I started my own.

At Tote + Pears, we’re a team dedicated to doing meaningful work, who show up every day authentically and unapologetically, eager to listen and learn and grow. We seek purpose in the work we do. And we push creative boundaries as we give a voice to those who are so often overlooked — women.

We create brand experiences that a woman can appreciate: content that answers her questions, products that fulfill her needs, designs that catch her eye and marketing campaigns that meet her where she is.

Do you believe in what we believe in? The job qualifications listed aren’t all that matter, so even if you don’t meet them, let’s talk!

Amber Anderson
Founder + CEO, Tote + Pears